NoViruz Car Guard

NoViruz Car Guard

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What’s in the box:

3*1 Cargard Card

3*1 Lanyard



Chlorine Dioxide acts by denaturing the capsid proteins and then oxidizes the genetic material of the virus, thereby disabling it. Once unwrapped, the card releases Chlorine Dioxide gas at a constant rate for 60 days.

  • How to Use

    Tear wrapper containing the card

    Attach lanyard

    Hang behind rear-view mirror or place in a convenient corner  

  • Advantages

    Kills microbes like viruses, bacteria and fungi without harming humans

    Safe for humans within the permissible limit of 0.1 ppm as per OSHA Guidelines

    Does not need to be changed frequently, active up to 60 days

    Portable & Affordable for recurring usage

  • Disclaimer

    -Be careful to avoid accidental ingestion.

    -Keep out of reach of children.

    -Increase ventilation if you feel discomfort by smell of card from this product. (Please note that the product concentration will be stronger during the first few days of use.)

    -Avoid exposing the product to heat and direct sun during use and when storing.

    -Do not use this product for purposes other than those indicated here.

    -Avoid direct contact with precious metals or precision machinery.

    -Do not use next to coloured fabrics, as this product can cause bleaching.

    -Wipe off immediately if spilled.

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