Coronation Oxygen Concentrator 5LPM

Coronation Oxygen Concentrator 5LPM

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Coronation Oxygen Concentrator

  • Brand: Coronation
  • Product Type: Oxygen Concentrator
  • Net Weight: 21 kg
  • Flow: 5L/min
  • Dimensions: 430 X 310 X 560 mm
  • Oxygen Density: 93+-3%
  • Continuous Working Time: 24 hours
  • Design: Portable design with wheels
  • Oil free compressor
  • Key Features

    Key Features of Coronation Oxygen Concentrator:

    • The Coronation Oxygen Concentrator is designed to provide continuous oxygen supply to the patients who require oxygen therapy.
    • It is equipped with PSA technology that helps to separate oxygen from the air.
    • Its weight is around 21 kg, and the presence of wheels and portable design of the Coronation Oxygen Concentrator helps to move it from one place to another quickly.
    • It is widely used to increase the oxygen concentration in the blood, detoxify the blood, and enhances the energy level in the body.
    • It comes with an oil free compressor that makes it an energy efficient device and helps to save around 10% of power energy.
    • The Coronation Oxygen Concentrator can work for 24 hours continuously.
    • The maximum flow capacity of this oxygen concentrator is 5L/min.

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